Rainmachine Integration Enhancement: Calendar as watering preview

One of the advantages of the native Rainmachine app is the dashboard. The dashboard provides a preview of rain and predicted watering activity for today and the next 5 days. It also provides a “yesterday” review of watering the day before.
I would like to see a Calendar be part of the Rainmachine integration that provides a comparable functionality. The calendar could also feature historic “as run” watering information.

  • As user I would like to add a calendar to my Rainmachine dashboard so I can see predicted watering times and predicted rain for the next 6 days.

  • As user, I would like to see historic run times in a calendar view so I can track and review actual run times.

  • As user, I would like the calendar to only show programs with enabled zones/programs (Configuration) to be shown in the forward looking part of the calendar.

As user I would like to be able to select if the calendar shows information for programs or zones or both as part of the integration configuration so I can adapt the calendar to my preferences.