Rainmachine Irrigation Controller


I know I’m reviving an old thread, but just in case anybody else stumbles across this topic, I thought it worth mentioning that the Aqara Smart Water Sensor’s mentioned above are supported, you just have to have the Xiaomi Aqara Gateway and then setup the Xiaomi Gateway (Aqara) component.


Hi ,

Is the integration broken right now? , I am on 0.70 and I see the error “Unable to find component rainmachine” , when starting the home assistant , I have this entry in the configuration.yaml

ip_address: <ip_addr>


No, it’s working fine for me (I’m on 0.70.1).


does anyone know if the rainmachine plugin supports multiple devices (2)?


Not currently. However, I have plans to add that support soon.


As far as I can tell, it’s busted on HA 0.81 with firmware 4.0.926 on my Rainmachine. It was working fine on version 0.5x of HA that I was on, but upon updating to 0.81 it says that my config file is incorrect based on the Rainmachine platform. IP and password are correct and working.


Post your RainMachine-specific config so I can help you debug.


Following up with two items:

  1. If you are comfortable using the configuration UI (Configuration >> Integrations), you can add multiple devices today.
  2. If you would like to accomplish the same via configuration.yaml, I just added a PR: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/18989


thanks … just enabled configuration->integrations (thanks for tip) … i also try the yaml method when released … dan