RAM - Usage Rising until Freeze/Crash


So I originally had a Raspbery Pi 4 1gb but found I was running at 88% ram almost instantly (after reboot) and then after 12hours the system would lock/freeze/crash and disapear from the network, so I’d have to unplug the Pi to restart. I added sysem monitoring and logged it and the ram usage creeped up and around 95% it would crash.

I figured I just needed from RAM so I got a 2GB Pi4 and I’m now sitting at 1gb usage on boot. But this is constantly rising too. See screenshot. It’s not crashed yet this year, but this constant rise in RAM usage is a bit worrying.

Is that normal?
Do I have a memory leak?
What could be causing this?

I’m thinking of wiping the whole system and starting again but I have so many automations that took me a while to setup I’d rather not.

I have checked for any repeats in my automations too. Of which I have none.

If I do a restart the RAM usage drops to 40% but quickly climbs back to 50% and then continues to rise slowy from there.

Might be worth having a look at individual addons and their memory usage, we had a similar issue with the frigate addon and found that restarting the addon dropped the ram back to normal / acceptable levels.

Ohh, how can I view each add ons memory usage?

So MariaDB was using 9%. I restarted that and it’s just wen’t back to 9%.

But that doesn’t appear to be my issue. As my ram usage has still been rising. Most of my other apps are installed through HAC’s how can I see the RAM usage for those?

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Have you solved?