Random activation of devices/entities

Has anyone seen this issue, a couple of times I have arrived home from night shift Hospitality, to find almost every light in the house is turned on which I thought was wierd but I brushed it off as it has only happened once or twice. Then out of the blue tonight my wife and I got home to find every A/C on. I checked the logs and found the living room a/c turned on at 21:05:34, so I set the log time to cover 21:05 to 21:10 and found that all 5 a/c’s turned on at 21:05:34 along with one bedroom light as seen in the screenshot attached. Can anyone shed some light on what is happening. Again, been running H/A for a few months and this has only happened 1-2 times with all lights and now only once with all A/c’s. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Yep, same here. Been using this install since 2018 and this started last week. TV and some lights randomly turn on. I made zero changes to my config around that time other than increasing commit_time in Recorder settings from 2 to 10 but SURELY that can’t be it.