Random crashes seemingly after update to v9.0

Hello, I am fairly new to this (having started a couple of weeks ago) and everything has been going swimmingly. I then install the v9 update and I am now seeing random crashes every few hours. The underlying OS responds to a ping but the UI hangs completely.

I am running on an x64 (laptop) platform and the console is also unresponsive. The only way I have found of getting things to work again is to power cycle.

Of course, it may not be the update, but it is a big co-incidence.

Is there a way to roll back, so that I can confirm?

To follow this up myself: This seems to have settled down now, although I don’t know why. I did tidy up a few things, and I’d like to think that this has fixed the problem and that the update may have been a co-incidence.