Random Events

I’m trying to figure out an automation to turn lights on & off randomly for random periods of time throughout the day when I’m out of town for security. When I had ADT Pulse, this was a feature it had that I liked. I can obviously set lights to go on and off at given times, but I’m trying to figure out how to make them do it randomly. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Typically the average family/person doesn’t randomly turn lights on & off throughout the day so as noted by sparkydave above it’s best to use a system that uses your own organic history to simulate presence. It will be way more natural than just having lights turn on & off randomly.

I haven’t used the custom integration that they linked to but I kind of built my own that basically does exactly the same thing. It works pretty well for my needs.

Thanks. The suggestions provided were exactly what I was looking for. With the Pulse system I mentioned, I was able to enable random times during defined times fo the day. These solutions are even better.

Thanks everyone!

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