Random failure after VM migration (proxmox cluster)


I’m getting weird behaviour of Home Assistant and random failure since I did a VM migration between two nodes in a proxmox cluster (my end goal is to achieve High Availability).
I have troubles finding the root cause and a bit clueless where to look at.

Random failures include :

  • Errors at login
  • commands not going through (zwave-js, hue …)
  • network errors ( ClientConnectorError, Connection reset by peer …)
  • Updates stuck in a loop, never ending.

I installed Home Assistant in a VM through tteck’s Proxmox VE Helper-Scripts.
I’ll probably restore a recent backup on a fresh Home Assistant installation, but I’d really like to find the root cause of those problems in order to move forward with the High Availability setup.

The former VM was still running after I got a power failure and it was set to boot on power…

The random failure was due to two home-assistant running with the same ip :man_facepalming:


We all make silly mistakes. Very few people come back with a post admitting to it so others know what to look for.

Good job!

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