Random freezes RPi4+HASSos

Hello, does anybody have solution for random freezes of Raspberry Pi 4 running HassOS?
I am having issues where I need to unplug power to get it working again.
It freezes randomly every XY days. Soemtimes it works for 2 weeks fine, sometimes it freezes after few days. When it is frozen there are not services running like SMB share or SSH (connection refused). But it does respond to ping over wifi.

I tried different power supply and cable but it has no effect. Also tried to power it from powerbank connected to AC so the powerbank made UPS power source so hopefully any small power interruptions coming from wall should be filtered. It also didn’t chnge anything.

Is there anything you can suggest? I must make it more reliable because with HASS down I can’t control lights in my apartment and that is pretty bad. Specially when I am not at home as my wife is not really fan of my “stupid gadgets”…

Everything is updated to latest version but that is not the culprit - it is freezing for months now. But now it is starting to annoy me more and more as I have more critical devices controlled via HASS.

Can you connect a monitor to the pi to see any debug output when it freezes?

I can try to connect the monitor next time it freezes

Any more info about this freezing?
I also encounter this, more or less periodically.
My setup is RPI4 + SSD, Home Assistant running on docker.

I ran into the same problem running HassOS on a Pi 3B+. After noticing that the CPU NORMAL usage was over 100% I tried disabling some addons but no real change. Though after I changed the recorder to use a MySql server running on another host, my CPU usage dropped 75-90% and the freezes stopped occurring entirely.

I hope this helps.