Random problems with Deconz

Hello. I have a network of about 70 ZigBee devices, mostly Ikea bulbs and Aqara switches and sensors running on Deconz.
The problem is that randomly some lights stop responding. I can see that the Aqara button correctly triggers the automation, but the bulb stays on or off. Sometimes it toggles after about 20 seconds, sometimes minutes, sometimes I must power cycle to make it working again.
When a bulb gets stuck, I open the Deconz software and try to send commands, but these are ignored as well.
I have tried everything, like changing my WiFi mesh channel, moving the hub in different areas, without luck. The only thing left to try is the USB extension to position the ConBee II one meter away from the Raspberry Pi.

Any idea what I can do to debug this problem?

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Hi, I encourage you to use the usb-extension as it is known to solve the problems you describe.

Just ordered, will try soon.

I have bought the USB extension and tested it for about one month. Unfortunately, the problems remain the same. This month I had to re-connect two Ikea bulbs because suddenly stopped working, and often a couple of Aqara double switches stop working and I have to wait like 20 minutes that are functional again, or there are some lights that respond after one minute, and some minor problems.
It is Brandon, sometimes the same device works fine for a long time and sometimes for one month keeps going offline.
I really do not know what else to try except dismiss Deconz and ConnBee II and switch to a different system.

Sorry to hear. Might be a similar problems as described here: https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/issues/4715#issuecomment-839386495.

Feel free to contribute.

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Today I have started the test of ZHA with the SMaBiT ZigBee adapter and the results are encouraging; I have connected about 10 nodes and it is a lot faster than Deconz+ConBee II. The bulbs toggle almost in real-time when controlled by the Aquara button, even the color change is immediate.
I will keep testing for a few more days, and if I do not see problems I will abandon Deconz.

I have tried ZHA with the ConBee II but would not be able to complete the first node pairing. Tested two different ConBee II adapters.

Did you end up migrating?

Not yet. After a promising start, ZHA randomly disconnects devices, so I have decided to stick with ConBee II + Deconz. After a ConBee II firmware update, things got much better.

It’s interesting. I figured out the cause of my issue was the fact that the antena had been moved. I have it on one of those extension that has a metal outer so you can shape it and someone had moved it!

Also I thought it was just bulbs at the beginning, then I realised it was all my powered ZigBee devices/routers.

All the battery powered end devices seemed to work correctly.

When I moved the antenna back. Everything started working correctly.

I can’t explain why this happened but have moved my server to somewhere it can’t be bumped :slight_smile: