Random RF code generator

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I looked everywhere and did not find one. so i wrote a code generator so you can stop buying remotes.



I don’t get it, why would I want to generate codes?

so you wont have to pay for a remote and keep tens of them one per every switch

I’m sorry but I really don’t get it still. Maybe I’m thinking about the wrong thing? My remotes often comes with the device itself, when I buy it. What remotes do you buy separately?

if i buy a wall switch, i can buy it without remote, and its cheaper

Oh I see now. I was thinking about like remotes for TV:s and such. Thank you for clarifying! :slight_smile:

NP :slight_smile:

its useful for RF

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added another tool there so you can change number of repeats for an existing code. usefull if your switch sometimes wont pick up the pulse

Thanks for this. But how do you use it in HA to program a new RF Mains Switch?
I have RXFCOM. Is it only for Broadlink RF?

i just use broadlink_cli to send this code when in learning mode’ you can also use HA developer tools to send a command

exact example with data:

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A kudos to you. I had the exact same problem and wrote some JS to generate PT2262 fixed codes.

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ill be glad if you share it or evan PR to my repo :slight_smile:

Added Livolo generator

firstly I need to thank [dimagoltsman] for the great work. the RF code gen projects is great…

I am running into a problem with the Livolo 2 ways light switch learning the code, so hopefully someone can help out please…

for the 1 way switch I can just gen the on only/ off only and the switch can learn it just fine.

but now I have got some 2 ways switch, I could get it to learn the on only code, but once I learn the off only… it seems like it removed the “on only” so I could only get 1 code to learn.

then I also tried doing the “toggle” and “all off” commands… so I send the toggle command for the “On” command and “All off” for the “Off” command… this seems to work… but there seems to be some mis-firing with the “toggle” on command… sometimes it doesn’t do anything, and sometimes it does the toggle twice…

I would really want to get the “on/off” command to work with the Livolo… can anyone help out please?



I’m not able to use the livolo generator, I have curtain switch and it’s not accepting any code

I was able to download a remote in E control and pull the code by boardlinkshareddata.py

this code
only working for me
can’t find any other one

This is brilliant! very handy to have.

Thanks for setting this up

Anyone know a way to make this work with the sonoff bridge flashed to tasmota? My RM PRO broke, so I had to get something else.

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i also want a know how to make ir work with the sonoff bridge
thank you