Rapidly growing database

Since early May, my database is rapidly growing. Approximately 1MB per minute! The database used to be a few 100MB for 10 days. It was 7GB the other day.

I’m not sure what might have caused this, it’s not a core update, since it was running 2023.4.1 across backups.

Is there a way to see what specific data is added, so I can troubleshoot my config?

Try to remember what changes you have done around late March/early May…
Do you added any sensor or entity refreshing every seconds for instance ?

You can look inside the database if you know mysql commands…

To mitigate this, list the entities you need historical values and update the recorder accordinly… Here is an example from my configuration (FYI, I am using MariaDB):

  db_url: !secret mariadb_url
  purge_keep_days: 7
      - input_number.reseau_sfr 
      - input_number.reseau_orange
      - input_boolean.smappee_injected 
      - input_boolean.remote_montreal_smappee_injected 
      - sensor.*
      - device_tracker.*
      - switch.*
      - group.*
      - sensor.message_header
      - sensor.sms_footer

Thanks for your prompt reply, I will consider your suggestion.

I have a suspect… The RFXTRX integration was adding devices automatically. It had ~40 smoke detectors from my neighbors. I deleted those manually and the database growth has stabilized. I will watch closely.

Other suggestions are still welcome.

That did not work out. Still growing…

How does one check the current database size?


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