Rapsberry Pi Touch Screen Usage with Hassbian

Hi, newbi here. I would like to use the touch screen to control my devices thro Hassian. I’d like to have the touch screen at the front door so I can turn the lights on etc. Later I would like it portable so the whole family can use it.

My question is how would I get the Pi to boot staright into the home assistant app on the touch screen without logging into either the pi or homeassistant account?

I’ve installed the latest Hassbian image but when I select boot into the GUI without the pi account password from the boot options in rasp-config I get the homeassistant screen but its prompting for the username and password. This would be ok but the hassbian image has no virtual keyboard so I can’t enter it and I’m not sure I want this anyway. I just want it to boot staright into the app without asking for credentials.

if you add the IP in trusted networks, it shouldnt ask for credentials then

straight not staright…sorry

You may have to use Raspbian and then just use the included Chromium(?) browser to load localhost:8123

Maybe if I comment out the http parameter in the yaml file it wont prompt for a password?