Ras Pi 4gb clean install on 3 different flash cards

I have been trying to install home assistant and have used so far 3 brand new flash cards 32 gb my Ras Pi is a 4gb model 4B.
all of the installs get to the same point and stop then keep repeating the same last couple of line. Then if I try to access it from the keyboard I have connected it starts to ask me to login and password.
I have not even been able to set up an account yet. I have no idea what the login and password could be as I have never set an account up.
See second picture.

You don’t access home assistant directly on the pi you are running it on.

It runs ‘headless’, that is, it has no graphical interface, just a command line. It does have a web server though and that is how you access it.

Go to another PC, start a web browser, and navigate to http://homeassistant.local:8123

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There’s a useful list of install methods here. The simplest is method one, where you would copy HA onto the SD card using some other machine - your PC, say - then insert it into the Pi4. The Pi is no longer usable as such because HA has replaced the operating system, but HA can be accessed from any other machine on the same network using a standard browser, or from your phone/tablet using the HA app.

For the record, the console login is root and no password.

That’s a bit misleading, it sounds like the pi can not be used (afterwards) for anything else.
What you should have said (and what you meant, I presume) was that the pi can now go in the dark corner of your shoe cupboard (with its power lead and a cat5/6 cable) as you can access it via its Web interface from anywhere on your lan (and anywhere in the world with a little extra config)

Thank you all for helping me out I now understand what happens and can happen once again thank you for all your help.

Be warned that ‘onboarding’ (the term we use for the initial self update and getting basic information) can take upto an hour.
It depends on your Internet connection as well.
You can use you modem/router to find which ip address HA has been assigned (or a program like ‘ip scanner’ ) and you can check periodically from another pc or tablet.
Point your browser at the ip addres (say) (found as above) to check progress, it will lead you through the process.