Rasberry Pi B+ installation - docker not installing

Hi all - first post… be gentle!

Trying to install on an old Rasberrry Pi B+ using Installing Home Assistant Supervised on a Raspberry Pi with Debian 10

Everything works out fine until the last step - curl -sL “h t tps://raw.githubusercontent.com/Kanga-Who/home-assistant/master/supervised-installer.sh” | bash -s – -m raspberrypi4-64

I’ve changed mine to read

curl -sL “ht t ps://raw.githubusercontent.com/Kanga-Who/home-assistant/master/supervised-installer.sh” | bash -s – -m raspberrypi-32


curl -sL “ht t ps://raw.githubusercontent.com/Kanga-Who/home-assistant/master/supervised-installer.sh” | bash -s – -m raspberrypi-64

but neither worked, “[error] missing: docker”

So, used curl -sL “h tt ps://raw.githubusercontent.com/Kanga-Who/home-assistant/master/supervised-installer.sh” | bash -s – -m raspberrypi4-64

This came up with same missing: docker

Any ideas (spaces added into the HTTP to stop linking)?

Cheers Chris

Might have been better to ask the question in the actual installation thread rather than start an entirely new topic.

Neither of these flags exist.

The available flags for a Pi are;


For a 3b+ you can only use raspberrypi3-64 or raspberrypi3

You are running a Pi3, not a Pi4, so this won’t work.

Did you install Docker first as per the guide?

Yes followed each step of the guide but kept getting “docker has no installation candidate”

That is because you need one of these :


The docker process happens before I choose a Raspberry image though?

No. ‘docker has no installation candidate’ means it did not find a suitable image to install.

@francisp sorry, I’m missing something… the docker install happens first of, I get the message “docker has no installation…” how does choosing the right Pi image change the process before hand? I believe the docker install is the key to this?

My guess is, that Docker has not been installed (for some unknown reason).

Could be easily checked with running docker run --rm hello-world

Hi @m0wlheld the docker isn’t installed

Then executing the Docker install script should produce output containing some hints.

curl -fsSL get.docker.com | sh
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