Rasp Pi built in screen

Good afternoon, im both new to this forum and to rasp/HA, so i dont know if i flagged it corretly, but my doubt is, is there any way i can use the rasp pi touch screen that you attach to it ? i just bought one and it just be all black, i couldnt find how to do it online after a week or so, i know i can mirror from the browser but can i put some kind of monitor in its screen idk?

Unfortunately you can only use a screen attached to the RPi as a console, meaning to troubleshoot HA using CLI tools.

For the webUI dashboard you require a desktop/laptop computer to develop the webUI and then to access it you require a web browser and/or smartphone.

If running HA OS (the default installation on pi) , the answer if NO.

If you don’t mind missing add-ons, you could install raspberry OS or Debian with a desktop, and run HA Container.