RaspBee as a remote access point

Hello everyone,

I’d like to control some zigbee dimmers directly from HA , but since the ha server isn’t in range (it is installed as a virtual machine on a computer on another floor) , I’d like to set up a zigbee to ethernet gateway to put the antenna at the center of the area, would the raspbee work as a remote gateway ?

all the tutorials and guides describe the install on the same raspberry where HA is, which is not certainly my case.

On a more general tone, what are the other possibilities to have a remote zigbee access point (that works with HA, of course) ?


With remote do you mean not on the same machine, but in the same network or in a remote place in a different network?
You can try ZigBee2MQTT or Deconz. Both solutions should be able to solve your problem.

I am running a Raspbee/normal deCONZ install on a raspberry pi in my network. Raspbee/deCONZ is integrated with fhem (on this pi) and HA (on another mini PC) at the same time. You may need to use legacy websockets, but other than that it works without issues.

Thank you for your input,

as I said so far I was able to find docs regarding raspbee on a single machine, I will continue to look around for infos, anyway I received the raspbee premium, so I will start installing from scratch on the pi have lying around here and then I’ll see how far I can go.



Thank you for the link!!