Raspberry 3b+ acting as Bluetooth gateway

My RPi has built-in bluetooth

step 1:Enable onboard bluetooth on Rpi 3
step 2:Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor 2 are connected to HomeAssitant with the BLe Discovery proxy.
step 3:use this integration BLE monitor
step 4: Launching the gateway

1.Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor 2 isn’t needed to pair it to BLE monitor (BLE monitor will only listen).

2.But it is needed to to add it to MiHome app before it actually sends useful data.

You only need the MiHome app. Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor 2 need to be added to the MiHome app first, before they are starting to send actual readable data.

3.Make sure you set the region to China mainland in MiHome, as this region has support for more sensors.

4.Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor 2 needs an encryption key. This isn’t mentioned in the docs, but you can see it at the firmware, which says that it is encrypted

Ble gateways use Bluetooth 4.0, which consumes low power as compared to Bluetooth gateways. Its battery lifespan is about four to five years.

Bluetooth gateway devices can stream a lot of data continuously, while Ble gateway can only support the transmission of small amounts of data between devices periodically.

Unlike Bluetooth gateway, Ble gateway is always on sleep mode unless you instigate a connection.

To connect a Ble gateway, you only take a few mS, unlike in Bluetooth gateway where you can spend around 100mS.

Ble gateway is cheaper to install than Bluetooth gateway.