Raspberry 4 4gb with Hassio

Hi, I installed Hassio on Raspberry 4 4gb using the 32bit image, everything went well immediately after I uploaded the snapshot of the Raspberry 3 also in this case all right, it works regularly and I have to say that the pages should be opened fast instant CPU usage has gone from 100% of the RPI 3 to 62% of the current RPI 4. Unfortunately there is a problem when I turn the Raspberry off and back on it doesn’t restart anymore, instead it doesn’t happen if I reboot. So I have to do the whole procedure again to make it work. I was asking if anyone had the same problem.

I was having this problem on my Raspberry Pi3.

If I tried to reboot the Pi (even while doing updates) or there was an interuption to the power.

I’ve since moved to running Raspbian from a USB SSD drive and then installing Hass.io ontop of Raspbian.

Not once has it broken and it’s been running like this for months with many reboots and we’ve even had a couple of power cuts and it’s survived.

I believe the problems you’re having are SD card corruption.

So you can either try a new SD card or buy an SSD.

I got an ADATA Industrial 64gb SSD and USB adapter nice and cheap from eBay.

Another advantage is vastly reduced boot and update times.

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thanks for the prompt response, I will listen to your advice first change the SD, let’s see if it will be more stable, then I’ll try a sdd USB but I know it’s not an easy procedure to implement we’ll see

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It’s easier than it seems.

It’s just that initial procedure of flashing an SD and changing the setting to get it to boot from USB. Then you just treat the USB SSD as an SD card. Flash the OS etc to it and away you go.

Obvioulsy you just need to use Raspbian instead of Hassos since Hassos doesn’t support USB boot.

Make sure you use Raspbian Stretch since the newer OS is not supported by Hass.io I think.

This method of HA install (Hassio on Raspbian) doesn’t use addons as docker containers and has issues with BT, correct?

So have you confirmed the problem is due to the SD card? Also, when you restore the Pi3 snapshot to Pi4, did you select the Home Assistant also? Are you using wipe and restore option?

I’m thinking to upgrade to Pi4 too.