Raspberry 4 - working so slowly

Hey Guys Again!
Yesterday I started my journey with HA! Before that I was using Homebridge. So I am going to use HA to connect unsupported devices to homekit :smiley:

IDK why but installation process didn’t lasted 20 min but 50 min and I did it several times because I didn’t know it will take that much time. Right now I see that restarting takes over 15-20 min. But I heard this is normal. And now I want to set it up but this is SLOW. Writing on an original terminal is really hard. Goin to Supervisor/HASS.IO takes a second or sometimes even a minute. I’m confused because Homebridge was fast and launching it was taking less than a minute.

What I use:

  • Raspberry 4 with Microsoft Lumia’s charger(the charger is working properly)
  • LAN Cable(my Internet connection is really fast)
  • I use normal Raspberry case and it’s a little bit hot(if it’s possible I don’t want to buy a new case, especially with a fan because this noise makes me furious)
  • 32 gb SD Card but tomorrow I will get 32gb faster one(maybe that’s a prob)
    Is it normal? How can I make it faster? :smiley:
    Bye for now!

Slow SD card is for sure one of reasons for that - had my share of troubles some time ago because of that too.
If you can afford it, I suggest using SSD, it’s so much snappier and safer, too.

Okay, are there any videos showing how to use it with SSD?

Youtube is your friend :).
Seriously, there are many videos and step-by-step instructions covering migration from SD card to SSD, but the procedure depends a bit on HA installation you are using (Core, OS, Supervised,…), so you should search depending on your use case.

Okay thanks :smiley:
BTW i tried with super duper samsung SD Card and now the problem doesn’t exist anymore :smiley:
thanks for helping! :smiley: