Raspberry as controller w/Mysensors install problem


I’m beginning with Home Assistant and I have it installed on Raspberry Pi working fine. Now, I want to add a couple of gateways with nRF24 modules + Arduino Nano with Mysensors library.

I followed the guide on the site but it became some confusing, it explain the installation as Gateway on RPI & Arduino but not enough about Rpi as controller.

What’s next? Download nRF24 library and connect it in SPI port of my RPI? Any help?

Thanks in advance!


Which guides have you been following? Have you read the relevant pages on mysensors.org? Have you built the gateway, arduino + radio, and installed the mysensors serial gateway sketch on it?

If you’re going to use an arduino as gateway, you don’t need to install a radio library on the pi. The arduino gateway will communicate via serial protocol with the pi, over USB.