Raspberry desktop

I installed HA in Raspberry following the instructions in HA website for installing HA on raspberry.
I tried later to connect Raspberry to a monitor /TV using HDMI because I want to get in raspberry desktop/ terminal.
When I connected raspberry to the TV it started with installation / running automatically , then I reached to this point

I tried to type anything with keyboard / pressing Enter but nothing happen .
I don’t know what is the problem and how I can reach to the desktop?

Any step by step help please :pray:

The desktop is a webpage on the Raspberry.
You have to use another computer and visit the address http://homeassistant.local:8123 and if that does not work, then replace homeassistant.local with one of the IPv4 addresses show on the monitor.

With desktop, you mean the HA dashboard?
On a HA system, you only get a terminal.

I know that HA is web based . I can reach it from my pc and mobile.
I mean desktop of raspberry system . Like this below. I don’t what you call it.


That’s the GUI for the raspberry pi OS (or raspian). That’s a completely different operating system running on a pi. You don’t get an interface like that on home assistant, it’s just not how it works.