Raspberry GPIO - Python Script vs home-assistant configuration

Hello All,

I had some issues with a GPIO binary_sensor ,which is a doorbell, behaving weird (long press on button to trigger, sometimes no event at all, etc).

I went on to write a python script to do exactly what I assumed home assistant should be doing with my config - but it behaves significantly different, which confused me.

I hope one of you can point out my mistake! Goal for this one: Run a python script which only makes a sound.

configuration (binary sensor…)

    - platform: rpi_gpio
          18: doorbell 
          #        invert_logic: true #tested both
          pull_mode: DOWN 


      platform: state
      entity_id: binary_sensor.doorbell
      to: 'on'
       - service: shell_command.doorbell #just a media play action

and the python block to compare:

GPIO.setup(18, GPIO.IN)
    while True:
      if (GPIO.input(18) == False):
            play_mp3("/home/homeassistant/doorbell.mp3") #method invoking mpg123

The main differences I observed:

  • Reaction Speed is way higher in python: I need to not press the button as long
  • First press after a long time is 100% ignored in HASS.
  • Sometimes, HASS does not trigger on button press. I searched half an eternity for a hardware-mistake until checking it - not the same issue with python.

All those points make me think I made a configuration mistake.

The full code with all the embarassing stuff I’m currently trying to achieve can be found on github as well, including the full python script.


If this should be just the way it is, is there a more elegant way to trigger a binary event within HASS from the python script?
(I’m currently experimenting with TCP binary_sensors, but more as a learning thing than a long term solution)


I just noticed your spacing is off in your yaml, make sure every new line is indented by only 2 spaces.

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Thank you!

I wasn’t aware that it had to be two spaces, thought it’s more generous - I updated my configs to auto-indent accordingly from now on! I’ll fix the configs tomorrow!

Can something like this already be the cause for inconsistent behaviour? I would’ve assumed that formatting is quite … bool in its result :smiley:

[edit] I stumbled across a different thread where someone has a similar problem. Perhaps correlated?