Raspberry Pi 3 A+ stop shortly in Homeassistant

Hello HomeAssistant Community.
I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 A+ today and I installed a homeassistant os the latest version
and shortly after it boot and I can enter the server from the IP address it stops suddenly and I can’t restart using the command line in the homeassistant os on the RP so it stops even the RP so I had to unplug the power and plug it again and it boots normally again and stops shortly after booting
and this issue happens when I download an add-on (SSH-Terminal)
and I bought the SD card that I used in the RP since 2015 so I don’t know where is the problem is it from the SD card or the add-ons
and my Home Assistant server on my laptop was working perfectly and without any issue
Thanks all for the replay and I hope you help me fix this issue.
it shows me this command line in the RP HA command line
ha > [ 615.345030] INFO: task kworker/2:0:26 blocked for more than 122 seconds
[ 615.348962] Tainted: G C 5.15.84-v8 #1
[ 615.352727] “echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/hung_task_timeout_secs” disables this message.

and it keeps showing this command line but with different numbers

Edited: the problem also happens without starting the add-on ( SSH-Terminal )

If I understand correctly, the SD card itself is new, fresh from the store right?
If not, an SD card of 7 to 8 years old could be a problem.

I am not familiar with this error. I can imagine the 512MB RAM of the Pi3A+ is a bit on the low side. How much RAM does your config use on your laptop?
There is a risk of memory swapping to “disk”, which could slow down things drastically using an SD card and may be result in time-outs. A B or B+ with 1GB would probably have been the better choice.

I hope anyone has HA running on 512MB RAM and can help.

My Laptop was 2gb ram and it was enough to boot the system efficiently
And the SD card is 7 years old thats correct.

It feels like you are pushing it over the edge with your hardware config. I think 512MB is too little RAM, resulting in your Pi to start storing memory (swap file) on your SD card and eventually “dies” because of the iowait, but that’s just what I think. The smallest hardware I ran HA on was a Pi3bPlus (1GB RAM) and that’s capable of running HA. Since I ran a couple RAM consuming add-ons, I bumped into the iowaits and moved to a Pi4 with SSD.