Raspberry pi 3 to 4

Hello, my RPi 3 B accidentally fell and the sd card reader slot is broken. I run hassio on it. I am considering purchasing a newer rpi 4 but I’m wondering if I can just insert the sd card in the pi4 and will it work fine or should I first do the hassio install and than load the full backup?

No, you’ll need to do a fresh install of Home Assistant OS and restore a backup.

Take the opportunity to switch to using an SSD (on a powered USB hub) to remove the problems of SD cards failing without warning.


Nope, won’t go. You have to fresh install HA, hardware is too different between two Pi’s.
But, Pi4 will be nice speed boost though… (if you manage to find it…)

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Investigate second hand thin clients, more power, far cheaper and you can get them. Unless you already have the pi4

You’ll better off with a new/used RPI3B, because the RPi4 prices are bonkers. Or take it as an opportunity to switch to x86 (if you don’t need GPIO).