Raspberry Pi 3B Randomly Started Making Squeaking Noises and HA Doesn't Work Anymore

I changed nothing about my configuration and it just started happening. It’s a regular squak you can hear once every second. HA isn’t accessible anymore from the frontend. Automations probably don’t work either. I never had this problem in 2 years of using the same hardware.

AC adapter: Aukru Micro-USB 5 V 3000 mA

I’m running an SSD and a SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 dongle via USB

It sounds like your rPi died (or is dying). Hardware failures do happen unfortunately.

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Hight chance the AC adapter or SSD. Both are much easier to troubleshoot.

Is it in a case with a fan? I had a squeaky fan on a 4b once that I had to unplug to keep it quiet. You could also unplug the Zigbee USB to see if that stops it. Otherwise it’s either the power supply or the Pi itself, or a cicada!

No fan, just a regular cooling grill thing. I tried unplugging the Zigbee USB stick but that didn’t help. I didn’t spot an insect inside the case. I’ll buy a new AC adapter and see what happens.

The main board or the power adapter?

I’m guessing the main board. You could try it with another adapter, but I don’t know if that would make a difference or not.

Replacing the adapter did in fact fix the issue. Should I throw this thing away or could it still be used to charge phones?