Raspberry PI 4 + MicroSD + Fast USB for storage?

For my next installation of home assistant I’m using a raspberry pi 4 with the manual python installation steps as per:

I’m more than happy to have raspbian Buster and home assistant running off from micro SD card, but I wondered about having some kind of fast storage attached to USB 3 port for the database

I thought about an Samsung SSD SATA device in a sata usb3 caddy but I think it’s overkill.

So the question is are there any USB 3 sticks the people recommend that would be as fast as an SSD? don’t really need a massive amount of storage speed is more report


Have you considered something like this

In something like this

Not the cheapest option but should be fast, also you really should be able to boot from it too.


Don’t do it. Use an SSD. Any garden-variety SSD will provide better performance (including wear-leveling to extend its useful life) than a thumb drive. There are inexpensive drive enclosures available (with built-in SATA-to-USB3 interfaces) that will easily accommodate an inexpensive 128 Gb SSD.

For the RPi, I recommend the FLIRC case. Both of my existing RPi 3’s are housed in FLIRC cases. The all-aluminum construction also serves as the CPU’s heat-sink (its molded in a manner that makes it come into contact with the CPU). Far more effective than the tiny heat-sinks commonly sold and its a case.

Place the case on top of the drive enclosure, plug in the cable, and you have a neat, compact and powerful combination.

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You should consider using Hassio

I’m waiting for the next version of this, although it will currently work with the 4 with a USB cable, having it as a “shoe” feels it will be more integrated with the pi.