Raspberry PI 4 not loading without HDMI monitor connected

Hi All,

Hope I am not alone with this weird behavior. When power cycling my Raspberry PI 4 with Home Assistant OS, I can ping the “server” but cannot load or access Home Assistant, once I plug in the HDMI cable connected to a Monitor the UI loads immediately. Which leads me to believe that it is booting successfully, but waiting on something before allowing me to access the UI.

I have made some changes to the config file as referenced in this post (here), however with the behavior I do not think this is the same “issue”.

# uncomment 
# uncomment to force a specific HDMI mode (this will force 1080p)

Any advice?

With Home Assistant OS. It has not been called Hassio for a year.

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I have none of the hdmi related entries active in the /boot/config.txt and my RPI4B 4GB boots flawlessly without a monitor/tv attached.

Not really sure what I should change to get the same result, as the changes has only been made to try and resolve the behavior.


I have the same issue as the OP except I can’t figure out how to get to my config.txt to add the entries he describes. I am using a RPi 4 with the image from Raspberry Pi Imager > Other Specific Purpose OS > Home Assistant.

The only command line interface I can find is for HA not for the underlying OS

Any advice greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Shut down your Pi, put your SD card in a Windows computer, edit config.txt, reinsert and reboot your Pi.