[Raspberry pi 4B] Problem with booting only on wifi and a strange time delay of the sensors

With the system set to WLAN as the network connection, the first reboot ends with the Raspberry pi (4B 2GB version) freezing. Raspberry does not connect to the network, cannot be accessed in any way. A second reboot (via power) causes Hass OS to wake up and load the Home assistant server, but without any addons (Mosquito has load at boot selected, and so are other addons).

After manually launching the addons (Mosquito, InfluxDB, Samba) everything starts working BUT!

The sensor data has a weird timestamp offset. Comparing the Tasmota log and the readings in the Home assistant panel, I can see that the sensor data flows down and updates properly every 1 minute. But when I open the sensor history, it writes that the last data update took place, e.g. 4 hours ago.

The shift time (e.g. 4h) may vary (I had 15 min, 1h, 17h, 4 days). It is set when I manually run addons and it remains constant until the next Raspberry pi reset.

When I open the history in the HA panel, I have the following situation:
The text below the sensor name informs that the last data update was 4 hours ago.
In the graph, the current value is like double. The data history ends 4 hours ago with the current value then there is a horizontal line to the current hour with this value.

In influxDB, data is also written every 1 minute, but with this strange time shift (4h ago).

A partial solution so far is a boot with an Ethernet cable connected. Then the HA starts without problems the first time, the addons start themselves correctly and there is no time shift on the sensor data. Then disconnecting the cable and leaving only the wifi allows for normal operation (of course, until there is a power outage).

Has anyone encountered such a problem? For me, the problem occurred on version 2020.12.7, 2020.12.1 and one more back. Reinstalling HA OS on different SD cards didn’t help. Only recently have I figured out that the LAN connection during boot helps.

Maybe someone has an idea how to reliably run HA on a raspberry Pi with Wifi?

Today I had a power failure for several hours (a nearby excavator broke the cable). Unfortunately the raspberry pi took off faster than the accespoint client I am using to get wired LAN for HA. Effect as described above.
This time Mosquto took off, but there was a shift in the timing of the data again.
Below is a picture showing the problem.
As a result, I cannot reliably monitor electricity consumption and temperatures at home. Could someone more familiar with HA tell me where the cause may be and how to solve it?
Maybe I could run some additional tests (what kind)?
Unfortunately, in the current location, I cannot bring a LAN from the router. WiFi is the only option. For the reasons described above by AP Client> LAN> RaspberryPi. Although knowing that the Raspberry has a working WiFi card, I would prefer to remove AP Client from the equation.