Raspberry Pi 4b Temperature

Hello, I recently bought a Raspberry pi 4b. I wanted to know what the normal temperatures are with HA.

In my case it varies from approximately 43 to 61 C.

When there is cold ambient temperature and little activity (mainly at night) it runs at approximately 43/47 C.

These last few days it’s been warmer. between 22/26 room temperature, ranges from 47/61


Sometimes without doing anything… layers leaving the window open on the PC (I have 2 cameras, I don’t know if that influences)

Do I have to worry about those values? I have it in a little box and it has the heatsinks

At this moment, just by having the tab open on the PC, it has a temperature of 53 and a processor consumption of %4 (ambient temperature of 23)

Thanks in advance

I also run a RPi4.


The ambient temp where it is located is 21 degrees C. So, I would say your temps are ok.

but you have the temperatures in fahrenheit and they always stay at 110… converted to celsius it is 43 degrees

mines the same. I do have an external fan set to come on at 50c

I have another pi that runs fine at 53c - no problem. A quick search (“max raspberry pi temperature”) shows, in general, that cooler temps are better but issues (thermal stress affecting longevity, etc.) may occur when temps are greater than 85c.