Raspberry pi 4B

I have a HA installation that is apparently not supported as it shows in the information section of settings.
I am not sure what the distinction was, when I set it up. I think it was due to supervisor being part of the Linux image vs. a docker container? Or being based on a raspbian image vs a home assistant image?
It’s been working without problems so far, but I am worried about the issues with HASS OS 8.x and don’t want to upgrade unless other people with a nonstandard installation upgraded theirs without problems.
Any expert advice on the upgrade?

What is the unsupported reason? It should give more info if you click on it I believe. And a link to an article that explains why your system is unsupported and what you can do about it.

To clarify, I had installed portainer extension which I removed. It was showing unhealthy after the uninstall, before I restarted HA. Now it’s just showing unsupported.

Now it’s showing “software” as the reason it’s unsupported. This may be due to HACS or the fact that the supervisor is running directly on the host machine ( as opposed to a docker container?) .At least that’s my understanding.

Maybe a missing OS agent? That was my reason for unsupported in the past.

You have what now? Are we talking about this supervisor? You have that code running on your host machine and not in a docker container? If so I have no idea how that is working but its definitely not supported. Or are you talking about something else called supervisor?