Raspberry pi 5 4GB are enough?

Raspberry Pi 5 4GB are enough? I’m going to move my home assistant from an old notebook to a Raspberry Pi 5 (I have my reason) so my question is simple. Is 4gb of ram enough? I usually would buy the 8gb but for now in my country (Argentina) the 8gb model is almost us160 while the 4gb is us123, so the difference in money is big. It is worth?

8gb is better, but 4gb should be no problem at all. Many people are still running HA on a 1 Gb Pi3.

I run HA on haos (VM) and on intel nuc, on both occasions ram consumprion never went above 2.5GB, so i’d also say that 4GB is enough.
EDIT: i forgot to mention… i don’t have exactly small HA network: around 40 wifi devices, along with other stuff: UPS, synology, climates, a few cameras, TV, a bunch of DAB radios, printers…

Here’s my current status on NUC HA: (from left: SSD, RAM, CPU%, CPU temp)

Yeah, i know, it’s overkill, but i’ve got a great deal on this nuc…

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