Raspberry Pi 5 for Satellite Speaker?

I’m aware the Raspberry 5 is not yet certified for running Home Assistant. But might it be acceptable for running the voice assistant satellite code?

I’m currently running the satellite on an RPi 4 + Anker S330 speaker and it works…okay. It can take a while to detect speaking has ended, or sometimes fails to acknowledge it at all.

I’ve got the homeassistant-satellite running (I’ll be re-trying the wyoming-satellite this week) along with local wakeword. Wakeword is configured with a threshold of 0.8 and trigger level 3. I’d like to increase those numbers in hopes of reducing the too-many false triggers, but suspect more processing power might be necessary than the RPi 4 offers.

If you run satellite/wakeword on an RPi 5, how well does it work for you?

I use RPi 4 with Anker S330 and it runs fine with wyoming-satellite. I used homeassistant-satellite before and it was by far not as good as wyoming-satellite.

I’ve now migrated to wyoming-satellite, but can’t say I notice any appreciable difference in behaviour.

starob, do you run wyoming-openwakeword locally on your RPi 4? I had found with homeassistant-satellite that local wakeword improved performance, and just continued with wakeword local after the move to wyoming-satellite.

It appears that “it can take a while to detect speaking has ended, or sometimes fails to acknowledge it at all” (mentioned above) might be more a factor of wyoming-faster-whisper STT, which I run independently outside of Home Assistant on my HA host.

I super enjoy the implementation of voice in HA, but it doesn’t work quite predictably enough yet where all adults in our household want to use it. I’m hoping some hardware upgrades will close the gap.

For TTS and STT I am using the Nabu Casa Cloud. The wake word detection runs on may HA instance which runs on an Intel CPU based Proxmox host.

My experience is that after HA or satellite reboot it takes several voice activations until it runs without major delays.

I expect that’s a big factor in our different experiences.