Raspberry PI and LTE Hat or USB Surf Stick Modem

Hello, I would like to use a Raspberry PI 3 B+ as WiFi hotspot with a second SIM card that I would get from my mobile operator (Premium SIM).
My question is if you recommend me an LTE Hat like this one: Raspberry Pi 3G-4G/LTE Base Shield V2) or an USB Surf Stick like the HUAWEI E3372 or something similar.
I couldn’t find any comparison so I was wondering if it would work and which one is best before I buy one.
Thank you in advance for the help!

As much as I love the Pi, having to get that HAT + a miniPCIe LTE module + antennas would not only be waay more expensive than a dongle, but also require quite a bit more setup.

Also, why even get the Pi + a USB stick when you can get a full 4G hotspot which would work just fine out of the box? I’ve connected up to 10 devices with no issues to such a hotspot, the Pi would make sense more if you need even more than 10 devices (and are not really using the Pi for other things, otherwise its performance advantage would probably evaporate).

I wanted to use the PI just because I am going to have a PI with Raspbian/HassIO anyway. What kind of 4G Hotstop do you recommend me?

Anything you can cheaply get off eBay, basically :slight_smile: There are also the ones that have multiple LAN ports, if that would be handy for you…

Hi Dario,

I was looking at LTE Hat options and this seems to be the only thread. Curious if you did try that LTE Base option from SixFab in the end? If yes, could you share some of your experience? Thank you!

Hi, in the end i bought an huawei mobile hotspot e5785 which was very cheap and more than enough for my need…