Raspberry Pi as a Bluetooth IR Relay

I was wondering if anyone has used a Raspberry Pi as a Bluetooth IR relay? I found this guy’s documentation and Home Assistant network topology diagram and he used a Pi as an RF Bluetooth relay.

I have a couple of really bad IR remotes that I’m trying to set up with the Broadlink Hub, but I feel the frequency is too low to get them to work with the Broadlink Hub. For instance I have these art lights on my wall that use IR remotes. You can use one IR remote with all of them as they are all the same light just three of each. Unless you point the remote in the right spot the dang things don’t work. I’m not even that far away from them when I try to turn the lights on and off.

The only function I can get working with the Broadlink HA Integration is turning the lights off.

Is there a way I can extend the IR remotes frequency so that the lights respond better in HA or with their own remotes?