Raspberry Pi bootloop after update


My Raspberry Pi bootloop after the update.
i followed the issues on Github to change the config.txt file.
The problem is that i doesn’t have that file when i insert my PSSD on my windows PC.

Hope someone can help me to get HA running again.

SD card cone bad maybe?
Seen that happen a few times.
All SD cards go bad.

I saw the release notes and held off updating yesterday. What kind of Pi you running? Might be easiest to just reinstall from a backup.

i’m running on a raspberry pi 5.

What storage devices have you got in the Pi? It’s possible that you may be booting from something else like a USB memory stick, USB hard disk or an SSD in an NVME hat/base.
How did you originally install HA? If it’s by using Pi Imager to write an SD card, that would seem to rule out a lot of the above. It’s possible there could be two Windows readable partitions on the SD card - does more than one drive letter appear when you insert the card into Windows? (I’m assuming you’re running Windows here…?)

i have a Transcend Portable SSD 500GB – 1050 MB/S
That is the one i use for booting and storage.

I have installed HA using my windows pc with the Raspberry Pi Imager directly to my PSSD

here an example how i did it for an earlier version

Me too so I guess I’m glad I held off. I see below that you’re booting off SSD. I had a hard time getting SSD data disk going because I was using a USB3 port and apparently my SSD enclosure has a quirk needed unless I use a USB2 port. I didn’t want to mess with the whole config.txt thing so I just gave up on USB3.

Have you got it back up by adding dtoverlay=dwc2 to config.txt yet? I am selfishly looking for someone who has had the problem and applied the fix successfully before I dive in and do the same.

i’ve added it but no succes.
can someone tell me if this is correct?

Raspberry is loading until here

i don’t want to keep waiting, so i reinstalled HA and recover an old backup, changed the config.txt in HA using terminal, that was an success.

Updated HA, Installed the z wave stick and everything works

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll do mine tonight - fingers crossed.