Raspberry Pi Case for HA

Hi everyone.
Since I have a 3D Printer I decided to make a case for my Raspberry Pi 3.
Its made so that Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 fits inside.


If it’s printed and works would be nice if you shared them :slight_smile:


Very very cool.

I want one.

May I have the file for printing 3D?

but like this all USB ports are unavailable fron the outside?

Other question: I would like to put a RF433 transmitter and receiver inside the case, eventually an antenna (maybe outside?), would love to know how to do all that

I’ve been considering doing this. Any chance you can share the .stl ? Is this on thingiverse or another like website?

Get some of these and add ports to the outside.


Guess it’s wireless too, or do you have a hole to let an ethernet cable go inside?

Post a picture, when its printed :slight_smile:

Here is the result.
Yes yes… its transparent green, but I did not want to change filament in the printer. I also goofed on some dimensions and placements inside.

I dont personally use any of the other USB ports on the Raspberry Pi and I want a the look to be as clean as possible.

Of course I will share the STL files, but I need to make sure it’s “perfect” before that.

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Looks good. I’ve got to get me a 3D printer. Just gotta get the wife onboard somehow… Any ideas??? LOL

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Since home assistant is blue, I would go for blue as color :yum:

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I am sure that some of us do not mind of a Beta product :blush:

if we are on this forum is because we like to experiment.

Find a way to use it to help her with her hobbies. My wife is into yarn (crochet, knit, etc). We’ve printed a yarn-pull bowl, stitch markers, stands for making a lightbox to photograph her projects, etc. Easy to make the case. Of course, she was sold by the nerdy aspect of it already, so maybe I’m playing on easy mode in that dept. YMMV :slight_smile:

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The things that are printed are plastic right? How durable is the plastic? My wife is into gardening. Would the devices withstand the elements well enough to be plant signs something like that?

Yes, just need the right type of filament. ABS is durable.
PETG is another good alternativ.

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I gotta get me one of these. LOL Hmmm wedding anniversary and fathers day are coming up in a few months. Maybe then…

@BlizzWave is on point. ABS is what most of the things you have on your desk that are made of plastic are made of. PETG is just as durable, but more rigid and less flexible. Another common material is PLA. I wouldn’t recommend PLA for outdoor stuff, but for inside stuff it’s great.

Here is a link to a popular site for models to download (link goes to a search for garden) http://www.thingiverse.com/search?sort=relevant&q=garden&type=things

I’ve printed a ton of RPi cases for various projects. There are a lot of designs out there. The one @BlizzWave posted is the first I’ve seen with the HA logo on it, though. :wink:

Hi guys.

Sorry for the slow reply.
But here it is: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2127339


So cool, we had to tweet about it!

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Would be cool with a case that fits my Tellstick Duo as well… :slight_smile:

Turboc, It’s easy. Just make sure that 1/2 of things that things you print are for your wife. Little boxes, name tags, Christmas ornaments, etc. Worked for me.