Raspberry Pi command line mode

Hi everyone, is it possible to run command line on the raspberry pi when Hass.io is installed? My goal is to execute
sudo raspi-config
to activate I2C pins like suggested in some tutorials. But if I connect a monitor to the HDMI port of Raspberry pi and a keyboard of course, sudo is not even recognized as a command!

You can’t use raspi-config with HassOS.

See the HassOS Raspberry Pi documentation to enable i2c.

I’ve never used this, I just ran across the doc, so I can’t really help beyond this.

What would you want to do from the command lime? HassOs is just powerful enough to run Hassio with no extra commands that are not needed.

If you need extra commands or want to run other things on the raspberry pi you need to move away from HassOs.
There are several other options
Hassio (docker) on Raspbian or Raspbian Lite
Hassbian (virtualenv) - Includes Raspbian Lite
Docker on Raspbian
venv on Raspbian.

I am running venv on Raspbian Lite on my Pi.

Hi and thanks for the info. I try to activate I2C port on the raspberry pi to communicate with a BME280 sensor connected directly to the pi header. It’s describe in this tutorial at the bottom of this page https://www.home-assistant.io/components/sensor.bme280/

It’s a bit confusing if it’s written there and it cannot be done!!! Please help me to understand.

That is assuming you are using Raspbian or Raspbian Lite, not HassOs.

This person appears to have done what you wish, I think.