Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 alternative

Hey there!

I would like to sharer another project I am working on - it is an alternative solution for the Raspberry Pi CM3. Maybe you noticed as well, that the CM3 is almost unavailable to get. I worked in a company which main business was access control and smart buildings. The solution was a deice with a RPi CM3 inside. At some point I was questioning the use of a full blown Linux device to open a door and came up with an alternative version based on the ESP32. You can find all details in the Hackaday Project page:


I am wondering who of you might know projects which are using the CM3 and could benefit of this module. If you do please tell me about it and if you want to support the project I am also running a crowd-funding to make the project a real thing!
As any of my projects this is also fully open-source!!


Thanks a lot and tell me what you think.