Raspberry Pi E-Ink Display, using Home Assistant API

Hey all, I made an e-ink photo frame using Raspberry Pi and Waveshare’s e-ink display. It uses the Home Assistant JSON API and displays information about calendar and weather (Calendar and Darksky components)

I made a Youtube video showcasing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0sHtZqs8Go


The source code is fully available on Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/risse/raspberry-pi-e-ink-display

I’d love to hear some feedback about it!


Very cool.

Me too! they look amazing!
HA web UI is perfect and e-ink is really a good extension for display. Low power, no blue light, look comfortable, elegant and natural.
Besides weather, calendar, reminder/todo list, I still thinking what else can be displayed combined with some push buttons.