Raspberry Pi Headless Chrome Chromecast

Has anyone figured out a way to cast specific things from a raspberry pi to a chromecast? I’m specifically trying to cast a website to a chromecast, so I was wondering if there were any headless chrome options that let you cast tabs to chromecasts via a raspberry pi

you can cast from the linux version of Chrome…but what OS do you have on the RPi in question?

It’s a headless Jessie lite

so how can you possibly cast a chrome tab? it doesn’t have a UI to cast from. I don’t get what you are trying to achieve here…

Cast a chrome tab was a poor choice of wording on my part. I just want to somehow display a website on the Chromecast. It would just be like a live splash screen with news, temperature and calendar data along with an rss feed

something like this ? I have not tried it.

I’m pretty sure there is a thread on here somewhere that talks about someone trying to create a feed to display in place of the default Chromecast background. Worth a search as I think they got quite far with it.

The MagicMirror thing is really cool but doesn’t use a Chromecast, it uses the HDMI output of a RPi.

Looks like this might be what you’re referring to. Custom Chromecast Backdrop overlay [Help welcome]

I’ll give it a try, thanks

yep, thats the one!