Raspberry Pi Home Assistant - Cannot Connect Anymore

Has anyone run into the issue where they can no longer connect to Home Assistant either via URL or the IP address? This has happened twice now where I need to completely re-install the OS and start over. When I look on my switch it recognizes the Raspberry Pi and has an IP address assigned to it. Not only can I not connect to it, but the none of my automations are working either.

I could take it out of my server rack and hook it up to a monitor to see if I’m getting an on-screen error but I’m at a loss as to why it keeps doing this. I’ve rebooted it a few times to no avail.

If ‘it continues doing this’ I would STRONGLY suggest doing this - because until you know WHY (and we can’t help until you have some logs) It will probably continue happening. We can all agree blowing away your Pi every few days isn’t the way to operate.

I figured this would be the “answer” I had it happen again and I haven’t wiped the OS yet. I’ll hook it up to a monitor and see if I get any errors and try to pull the logs.

I hooked it up to a monitor. I’m on the bootup screen for HA.

Waiting for the Home Assistant CLI to be ready…
Welcome to the Home Assistant command line.
Waiting for Supervisor to startup…
System Information
Error returned from Supervisor: System is not ready with state: Setup
ha >