Raspberry PI Home Assistant Zigbee/Z Wave Dongle Recommendation

Looking to get started with some zigbee or z wave devices on my raspberry pi install, and was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of what dongle works best? I am based in the UK so one i can get hold of in the UK would be good.


I can only vouch for the one I have, HUSBZB-1. They’ve been readily available on Amazon and wherever else you buy this sort of thing. One tip I’ve heard (and followed) is to get a short USB extension so that the stick isn’t too close to the device you’re plugging it into. If it has built-in radios (like the Raspberry Pi and such) this is supposed to minimize interference.

I’ve found Zigbee to be very reliable using the HUSBZB and ZHA. The devices connect up, create their own mesh network, and I never have to think about them or tweak anything again. This has been the most stable and maintenance-free part of my HA setup for a few years now. That said, my needs are simple; on-off switches and sensors. I’ve read that some more complex devices like color-changing lights can have issues. There is a compatibility chart available (search for it here, it’s mentioned often.)

Take a look at the list on Zigbee2MQTT page.


This is the most actual list you can get. With recommendations and all. :slight_smile:

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Glad you mentioned MQTT. I’ve heard good things about using the Zigbee to MQTT option. I think if you already did, or planned to, use MQTT, that would be the way to go. For my system, I have yet to find a reason to use MQTT, so for me it would just be additional integrations to install, maintain and fix when they (inevitably) break.

Which brings up another good point. HA is such a dynamic system that I’ve found life is easier if I limit the number of different integrations I’ve installed. This way I don’t have as many bugs to chase with every version update. Using Zigbee via ZHA allows me to use different types and brands of sensors, switches and plugs without needing a different integration for each brand.