Raspberry Pi install fried?

I had not restarted my implementation of HomeAssistant, which is the Raspberry Pi version. Of course, when I powered off the Pi and restarted it, I get an error: “HA CLI not starting, jump to emergency console”… which is essentially the Linux shell. I repeated the process with a reboot command and got the same error. I hope my install is not corrupted… after all the work I put into it… the VMware VM was not stable either… thought the Pi would be better.

You do have backups. Ones that aren’t kept on that Pi?

Generally speaking the Pi, running on an SD card, is the least stable/reliable option.

Thanks for responding. I did make a HA backup within HA, but if I cannot get that to run on the Pi, I am screwed right?
This instance automatically boots the VM/Docker implementation of HA when you start the Pi. It does not come up in the Linux Shell and then you start an implementation.

As long as the backup isn’t on the Pi you’re fine. If you left it on the Pi, then you have a problem.

Backups from any install of HAOS can be restored on any other install - even if the hardware is different.

Well, the good news is that it came back up. Is there a standard way to back up the install of the HAOS?