Raspberry Pi/Kodi as a relay

I think this is the right place for this… Brand new to HA.

I have several Raspberry Pi’s running Kodi v20 [LibreELEC v11] as media players throughout my house. Can I use the Bluetooth and/or a USB stick (for Zigbee/Z-Wave) as a relay for HA? I’m just building out my network and have a hodge-podge of devices that I want to use before I standardize.

I’m running HA 2023.11.3 as a VM on ESXi 8. I have a TubesZB CC2652P2 Based Zigbee to PoE Coordinator in the mail to start building a proper network.

What do you mean by:

I have a BLE device near a RPi that I would like to control with HA. Since it has Bluetooth, I would like to use it to send the control commands to the BLE device.

The Bluetooth Proxy conceptually does what you want, but only ESPHome devices can act as Bluetooth Proxies for HA. I did find this thread that mentions some other thing that uses MQTT to bridge Bluetooth devices, but I have no idea how (or if) it works: