Raspberry PI onboard GPS?

Is there a way to setup on board GPS for the tracking of Homeassistant OS its self?

My setup is HA on a boat, and obviously the boat moves and would like the ability to track it on the map in HA.


Search is your friend:

I’d not attempt to use HASS as a chart-plotter, but in theory you could switch from Open Street Map to Open Sea Map tiles in the GUI.

Personally, I’d use another device / VM to log NMEA data like GPSr location, heading, depth, etc and publish to HASS via MQTT. There’s a few logging devices which can even contribute depth soundings to OpenSeaMap.

Nah I’ve got another RPI5 setup running android and Navionics for primary nav,

This is more just for tracking remotely.

How do I change the map to OpenSea maps?


I’ve not tried it, as my own code uses the Leaflet JS library directly on a separate web page.

HASS embeds Leaflet on the Map page - so if you dig into the code, the tile source will be in there.

I’ve also had a quick look at the Map card, but this also doesn’t seem to have a parameter to set the map tile source without copying the code and manual editing.

So, “in theory you could switch from Open Street Map to Open Sea Map tiles” but not simple…

So i’ve made some progress with this using GPSD, managed to get the GPS data into HA using GPSD installed independently.

The issue I am now facing is that the location does not seem to update. It has been static since I added the entity to HA and has no moved.

Is there some way I can set an update interval?

Also, does anyone have any templates to export the longitude and latitude from the GPSD entity, it just creates one entity and has multiple values inside that one entity.

Thanks, getting close now.