Raspberry Pi power status

Good day.
Since the addon became a part of HA there is a need to have a thread to discuss it)).

1.Here it is specified that the sensor has values like 1000,2000, …
But this is a binary_sensor, device_class=problem.
Does that mean that:
a) Everything about values like 1000,2000 is not related to the integration anymore?
b) Property “text_state” - also not related?

2.The sensor has a “device_class: problem”.
But it has an “icon” property too - and because of this the standard “icon changing dependingly on status” does not happen. That is why I have to create a “double sensor”:


  # RPi power
  - platform: rpi_power

  # RPi-2 power status flag (in addition to rpi_power_status)
  - platform: template
        friendly_name: 'rpi_power_status_double'
        value_template: "{% if states('binary_sensor.rpi_power_status') -%}
                         {{ states('binary_sensor.rpi_power_status') }}
                         {%- else -%}
                         {{ 'Unknown' }}
                         {%- endif %}"
        device_class: problem