Raspberry Pi Ram used 0.7 GB of 1GB

Am I using too much ram? I’m at .7 GB of my 1 GB Raspberry Pi 4. I noticed a really slow response when turning on or off my Z-wave thermostat. Is it time to upgrade?

When I first installed this Raspberry Pi the only thing it was running was one relay. Now it has a bunch of zigbee sensors, more relays, weather alerts, light switches, and a ton of automations. I also have duckDNS , wireguard and a bunch of integrations running in the background.

The recommended memory size is 4Gb, I think, and 1Gb is really on the low side.
Raspis are hard to find at the moment though, so small laptops (maybe with a broken screen) or tinyPC are often easier to find and also often better, like a Dell Wyse 5060 TC or a Lenovo Tiny, just to name a few.
I have chosen a newer fanless laptop with a broken screen (touch screens are extremely expensive to replace, so they are often just garbage to people). The battery in a laptop work as an integrated UPS, so that is a nice addition.

FWIW, I have mine running on a RPI4 with 4gb ram and it is flawless. Ram usage is also about the 0.7gb mark

Your zwave issues may or may not be related to ram usage here. I know I’ve had them in the past and it has never been a ram issue

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