Raspberry Pi Remote GPIO binary_sensor.turn_off not found


I have a raspberry pi controlling my garage door. I’ve been doing this outside of HA for a few years. I’m now removing the garage door python code in favor of doing it inside home assistant.

I’ve successfully set up the remote_gpio for the PI and home assistant is successfully seeing the state of the garage door (gpio pin 17) and opening/close the garage door (gpio pin 24). This works using the developer tools service call test.

Now what I’d like to do is add this capability to my dashboard. I chose the ‘button card’ for this purpose. I gave it the state entity id for the button and it shows a great icon of a closed or open garage door as the icon. The problem I’m having is it’s unable to call the right service to close or open the door when I click on the button. It gives a generic 'binary_sensor:turn_off not found.

Before I get too deep in doing something rather convoluted, I wanted to ask what is the right way to have the dashboard show a great open/closed icon but have it call the right service to close or open the door?

Here is my current configuration for the garage door:

  - platform: remote_rpi_gpio
    invert_logic: True
      17: "garage_right"
      27: "garage_left"
  - platform: remote_rpi_gpio
    invert_logic: True
      24: "garage_right"
      23: "garage_left"

Here is my current but not working button card configuration:

      - show_name: true
        show_icon: true
        type: button
          action: toggle
        entity: binary_sensor.garage_right
        show_state: true

Ideally, this button click would call the service: switch.garage_right


You actuate switches, not binary_sensors

You’ve got the wrong domain in your service call…