Raspberry Pi ssh access

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking all over the community for a response to my doubts, and only found partial or very old outdated versions, hoping someone can help me now.

My issue is as follows, I have restored a Home Assistant version into my RPi4, and it’s working correctly, but I wanted to still be able to ssh into the Pi, and not only the HA instance.

When configuring my RPi to install the HA the ip of the pi was, I successfully ssh to my pi and configured my Pi to install HA (using ssh [email protected]).
Since I restored a snapshot from other machine, I changed the IP on HA to match the one I previously had configured which was, so that all my previous HA configurations would work as before.
Now using SSH & Web Terminal Addon, I can ssh to the HA instance with the user and pass I defined on the Addon(using ssh user@, but I can no longer ssh into my RPi4, even using port 22222 or root or pi and user, always getting a Connection Refused error from my terminal on Mac OS.

What am I missing? Is the Pi not possible to access after installing the HA OS on it?

Thanks in advance.