Raspberry Pi Weather Station over MQTT

Hi everyone! I finally have my DIY raspberry pi weather station in a reliable state to show it off and make the repo public. This was my first major python project so debugging took quite a while, but it’s incredibly stable now and is working very well. First up, some pictures:

Overview pic of raspi box mounted and sensor array on a 10’ pole.

Close up of sensor array with 3D printed solar radiation shield.

Close up of raspi box with custom soldered Hat. (Yes, it’s not technically a ‘hat’ because I didn’t add EEPROM. I still call it a hat though!)

Close up of sensor array connections coming in from the pi.

And finally the dashboard I’ve put together to show all the different sensor data. I also am using ClimaCell and a few DIY sensor boxes around my home in this view.

I wanted to purchase a weather station that worked with Home Assistant, but didn’t want to spend the $300+ to make that happen. I came across the official Raspberry Pi weather station build and realized I could build it and change it to broadcast over MQTT which HA would be able to pick up and display. Turns out I was right, and I couldn’t be happier with the result! It took several months to debug the code and figure out why it would randomly drop states after a week or so, but it’s been running non-stop now and is extremely reliable.

There were a lot of challenges to this project but it was a ton of fun to build and implement into HA. I’ve created a github repo which I just made public a few days ago for anyone else that might want to build something like this. It can be found here:


I would estimate total cost of this project to be around $120 or less depending on what you have on hand. Please feel free to ask any questions! Thanks for looking!


Very nicely done. Thanks for posting code as it is helping me with my weather station.

This project is very nice. I wanna try building this one, may i know the wiring diagram of this one sir? Thank you very much!